Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GOP goes Libertarian

and i say its about damn time. Neo-Cons have yet to prove they actually beleive their rhetoric about smaller government. Not to mention Social Conservatives have truly become Statists with a soically conservative agenda. Thats a bad idea for everyone.

Libertarianism is the best hope for the GOP, and the reason why is it puts value on the individual. The true test is going to be how far they go, are they going to dismantle social security and medicare (even though they are overwhelmingly popular). If so thats going to be difficult to do based on the GOP's doubling down on medicare during the health care debate.

Honestly this can only be good for this country

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where i have been....

Disgusted with the world. Lets face it, even i want to punch GOProuds president. He is one of the typical queers they trot out in both parties, a side show without any real need or desire to push things through. He may at an abstract level believe in smaller government and less government intrusion in peoples lives, but i can tell you right now he does not know what it feels like when the gay community casts you off like a bad cold. Maybe he does, i dont know. In his interview yesterday i wanted to punch him in the face for his stupid freakin eyebrows. We need a gay representitive at CPAC who looks like a gorram UFC fighter, who will punch the people at the center for marriage when they did that 5 minute thing. Not only would we win the respect of most conservatives and push forward our agenda, i think it would be a good show nationwide that gay conservatives are the motherfuckers who are willing to fight instead of have a damn parade.