Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where i have been....

Disgusted with the world. Lets face it, even i want to punch GOProuds president. He is one of the typical queers they trot out in both parties, a side show without any real need or desire to push things through. He may at an abstract level believe in smaller government and less government intrusion in peoples lives, but i can tell you right now he does not know what it feels like when the gay community casts you off like a bad cold. Maybe he does, i dont know. In his interview yesterday i wanted to punch him in the face for his stupid freakin eyebrows. We need a gay representitive at CPAC who looks like a gorram UFC fighter, who will punch the people at the center for marriage when they did that 5 minute thing. Not only would we win the respect of most conservatives and push forward our agenda, i think it would be a good show nationwide that gay conservatives are the motherfuckers who are willing to fight instead of have a damn parade.

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